Sexual Dysfunction

Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point in their life. Some of the most common sexual problems for men are erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. For women, it is vaginismus.

My sessions plans can help you overcome your sexual dysfunction so that you can get on and enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction?

  • Self conscious in the bedroom?
  • Anxious about your sexual performance?
  • Unable to relax and enjoy sex?
  • Fear of disappointing your partner?
  • Decreased libido?
  • Feelings of embarrassment, frustration or guilt?
  • Pain or discomfort?
  • Fear of rejection?

Hypnotherapy for sexual dysfunction

Hypnosis is an effective treatment for sexual problems as it works with the unconscious mind. There doesn’t always have to be a major triggering past event and for some it’s hard to pinpoint what’s causing the symptoms.

Hypnotherapy can help you identify the unhelpful, destructive thought patterns at the root of your problem. I will teach you powerful techniques that will change your mindset and help you feel relaxed, confident and in control at all times.
This is a brief hypnotherapy approach with most people finding relief after just a few sessions.

Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Get to the root cause of your sexual problem
  • Correct unhelpful, subconscious beliefs
  • Change the way you think
  • Adopt a new, confident mindset
  • Take back control of your body
  • Enjoy a happy, fulfilling sex life