Overcome Fear Of Flying

Are you fed up of the fear and anxiety brought on by your flying phobia? Does even the thought of flying cause you to panic? I help people to take back control of their thoughts and feelings so that they can look forward to their flight, feeling safe and comfortable throughout.

With a blend of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques, I can help you correct the unhelpful, subconscious beliefs that are causing you to panic and expect the worst.

Are you suffering from a fear of flying?

  • Experience panic and sleepless nights in the days and weeks before a flight?
  • Worry about dying?
  • Feel an intense loss of control?
  • Shaking / trembling / heart pounding?
  • Rely on alcohol or medication to suppress the fear?
  • Spend holidays worried about the flight back home?
  • Avoid work trips and miss out on opportunities?
  • Highly aware of your surroundings and the noises around you?
  • Checking to see if the flight attendants look calm or worried?

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching for fear of flying

Whether your phobia was triggered by a bad flight experience or came out of the blue, hypnotherapy can help you resolve the root cause of your fear. Whilst we can’t be in control of every situation, we can reframe your negative thinking patterns and help you respond more rationally. If you approach a flight with a sense of calm logic, it will enable you to feel safe and enjoy the experience.

How I can help you overcome your flying phobia with hypnotherapy:

  • Get to the root of your flying phobia
  • Learn life changing strategies to help relax and restore your anxious mind
  • Boost your ability to think rationally and logically
  • Enjoy travelling by plane