Overcome OCD

Are you feeling paralysed by your OCD? You are not alone. The intrusive thoughts and obsessive behaviours can be debilitating and cause a lot of distress. Perhaps you have tried CBT or other therapies but are still struggling to control your compulsions and could benefit from a new approach.

With a blend of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques, I help people to identify, and more importantly, correct the cause of their OCD so they can get back to enjoying life again.

Are you suffering from OCD symptoms?

  • Persistant, never ending thoughts, images or impulses?
  • Need to carry out repetitive, uncontrollable rituals to relieve the anxiety?
  • Intense fear and anxiety for the safety of yourself or others?
  • Feel guilt or shame?
  • Excessive washing and cleaning, hoarding, counting, putting things in order or perfectionism?
  • Mentally and physically exhausted and drained?

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching for OCD

Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind so we can swiftly get to the underlying source of your OCD. I will teach you powerful techniques that will change your perspective and help you feel in control at all times.

This is a brief hypnotherapy approach with most people finding relief after just a few sessions.
Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Get to the root of your OCD
  • Change the way you think and feel
  • Learn valuable techniques and skills
  • Live a confident, happier life