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Drug and Alcohol support

If you are struggling to stop taking any kind of addictive substance, be it recreational drugs like cocaine, cannabis or amphetamines or a long-term opiate use or prescription drug addiction then you may realise how important it is to get help and support from a professional therapist.

CBT, NLP and hypnotherapy can help you to see the substance in a different light and come to terms with living without the highs and without the habit. The approach is structured to help people overcome the psychological addiction that so many users find difficult to leave in the past.

Hypnosis can be a very powerful tool for removing cravings, changing perceptions and even replacing urges with a feeling of control.

What can I do?

Hypnotherapy Can Help to Break Addiction

Following your consultation you will discover how to successfully change the thought processes that keep you trapped, repeating your addictive habit week after week.

Advanced hypnosis techniques will help you to break any dependency and change how you respond to triggers such as people, places, stress, boredom, celebrations, grief, relaxation, payday, or just because it’s there.​

I have worked within statutory drug and alcohol settings for over 15 years and understand the nature of addiction and what it takes to start the process of moving away from it and starting anew.

Alcohol can be a major problem for a lot of people and reducing alcohol intake alone can be difficult. Whether it is changing a binge drinking pattern, reducing daily drinking and working on pre/post detox support. I am here!

By dealing with any emotional triggers you can quickly regain control and respond differently in the future.

Imagine how it would feel to have the power to say no, and to no longer be under the spell of drugs or alcohol

Addiction Treatment with Hypnosis

The approach is specifically structured to be undertaken over a number of weekly sessions (how many depends solely on the presenting issue and substance) and begins with a consultation to establish your personal habit/dependance and to form an approach that fits your individual requirements. If a detox is required I can support and signpost where appropriate.

It is a fact that if you can gain the right mind-set, then you can stop taking any addictive drug.

How to STOP smoking for good:​

I offer a one off LASTING smoking cessation session which will enable you to quit smoking permanently.​​

Whether your smoking is a simple habit or a reflection of other problems in your life, I will be able to help. I’ve worked with smoking cessation for over a decade, and I understand the addiction very well.

​Why work with me?

As an ex-smoker myself, I am well placed to help people stop smoking. I understand that smoking is often more than a simple habit and it is too hard to simply ‘just stop’. I quit using hypnotherapy myself and understand its amazing qualities in this field. I have practised hypnotherapy in Manchester since 2012, and use techniques that actually work!

Like most therapists, I am passionate about helping people. However, I’m also friendly, down to earth, and ‘normal for a therapist’! I’ve worked with people for many years, and I’m used to putting my clients at ease.